Supporting our first responders, safeguarding our loved ones, and protecting our future generations.

Back The Blue Tennessee, Inc. to become Tomorrow is Safer

A National Commitment to Safe Communities

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Nashville, TN – As Tomorrow is Safer, Inc. begins to take shape and builds upon the success of Back The Blue Tennessee, Inc., the organization is pleased to spotlight its newest Board Member, Todd Wrubel, appointed to a three-year term effective October 1, 2022.

“Growing up in Philadelphia, I watched our communities struggle in the face of increasing violence and crime. I can promise you the answer is not to defund the police. Those entrusted with our public safety need our support more than ever now to do their job safely and effectively,” Wrubel shared, adding “It is my hope that through Tomorrow is Safer, we can secure the resources needed to help support our law enforcement agencies, making sure they have
access to the training and equipment they need.”

Mr. Wrubel’s professional experience is an invaluable asset to carrying out our mission. Having spent several years in the financial industry leading teams to
success both domestically and internationally, in 2011, he founded Rittenhouse Payment Solutions, a global provider and management firm with end-to-end program capabilities specializing in prepaid debit card services. He holds an MBA in Finance from Philadelphia University, a BS in Business Management from Philadelphia University, and an Executive Degree from Belmont University.

“Todd’s background is a perfect fit for our relatively young organization. At a time when we are building ourselves from the ground up, having Todd’s leadership is a welcome addition and we are confident he will help us build a strong foundation from which to grow,” said Founder Brink Fidler.

“What attracted me to serving on the Board with Tomorrow is Safer is that not only is this an opportunity to give back to my community, but it is also a chance to truly make a difference. This is a small and lean organization. We can easily see the resources coming in and how those resources are then
pushed back into the community – to see that immediate impact is not only rewarding but it is inspiring and challenges us to reach higher.”

Though there are many organizations that support our law enforcement agencies, Tomorrow is Safer is unique in that it also seeks to build and nurture partnerships between the police and the communities they serve while empowering society’s most vulnerable populations.

“When I created Back The Blue, my primary focus was on supporting our first responders but, to truly help them serve their communities most effectively, there is a growing need to help educate and train community members as
well,” Fidler shared, adding “The average police response time in our country is about 3 minutes – and that is fast. Some citizens could wait well over 10 minutes which is an eternity in an emergency. Through Tomorrow is Safer, we are also committed to building awareness around the tenets of prevention, mitigation, and response. I want to make sure our most vulnerable citizens are empowered to act in an emergency while waiting for law enforcement and other emergency responders to arrive. Those first moments in an emergency are the most critical and being able to take decisive action will save lives.”

Admittedly, we have a lofty mission, but it is a worthy cause and one that we are proud to lead the way on. We are grateful for Mr. Wrubel’s shared commitment to public safety, and we are excited for his leadership in the months and years to come. Planning is currently underway for the organization’s first fundraising event, an invite-only dinner being held this month and generously hosted by Mr. Wrubel and his wife. This event will officially kick off the launch of Tomorrow is Safer and help us begin to build a community of those who are interested in supporting our first responders, safeguarding loved ones, and protecting our future generations.


Tomorrow is Safer was launched in 2022 as a national commitment to safe communities. Recognizing that public safety is both an expectation and a challenge, Tomorrow is Safer strives to end the senseless death and suffering
due to preventable tragedies. Our mission is to enhance public safety byempowering community members in the areas of preparedness and response, and to support our nation’s first responders by expanding access to training and life-saving equipment. For more information about Tomorrow is Safer, visit or email [email protected].

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