Supporting our first responders, safeguarding our loved ones, and protecting our future generations.

Back The Blue Tennessee, Inc. to become Tomorrow is Safer

A National Commitment to Safe Communities

Logo Tomorrow is SaferNashville, TN – Back The Blue Tennessee, Inc. was created in 2018 to secure advanced training and equipment for law enforcement agencies in Tennessee. This year, the mission of the organization has expanded to include a comprehensive approach to community safety, becoming Tomorrow is Safer, Inc., a national nonprofit committed to empowering communities and supporting first responders by expanding access to training and life-saving equipment. The new website – – launched September 28, 2022.

“Given the many challenges facing our communities – from mass shootings to continued calls to defund the police – it is imperative to invest in communities and our law enforcement officers. Empowered communities are safer communities, and we are committed to providing the resources needed to enhance public safety and support our first responders,” said Founder Brink Fidler.

Todd Wrubel, Board Member, added “Funding should not stand in the way of making a school safer or making sure our law enforcement officers have access to the training and equipment they need to protect our communities. I am proud to be
able to support this effort and ensure communities have access to the resources they so desperately need.”

We all deserve to feel safe where we live, work, and play however tragedy can strike at any time, often without warning. Working in partnership with first responders, community members can proactively take steps to improve preparedness and, when faced with danger, be the help until help arrives.

“Far too often, we have witnessed community members fall victim to senseless acts of violence while waiting for help to arrive,” said Sheila Brantley, Executive Director. “We are committed to addressing this gap and saving lives. Through education, advocacy, and grant funding, we can work together and truly make tomorrow safer.”

Tomorrow is Safer was launched in 2022 as a national commitment to safe communities. Recognizing that public safety is both an expectation and a challenge, Tomorrow is Safer strives to end the senseless death and suffering due to preventable tragedies. Our mission is to enhance public safety by empowering community members in the areas of preparedness and response, and to support our nation’s first responders by expanding access to training and life-saving equipment.

For more information about Tomorrow is Safer, visit or email [email protected].

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